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Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Limited an ISO 9001 certified company situated at Vapi, Gujarat, India, has developed and established a widely-spread sales and marketing network, throughout India and abroad. Scrupulously identified and selected, a whole spectrum of dealers covering the length and breadth of India, having manufacturing facilities of coated duplex board & Kraft liner with adequate infrastructure facilities in the form part of our dealership network for sales & marketing promotion. Supplies are routed through the dealership network to the entire outlets. Product quality and customer service is the hall-mark of Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Limited. Well equipped with established modern lab instruments at our Quality Control facility duly by highly qualified technical professionals.

We always appreciate the quality feedback from our end users so as to fulfill their specific requirement. No wonder, our product quality and service have been highly appreciated by our local and overseas customers.

Mission & Vision

Our mission, since start, has been focused on manufacturing High Quality Products with biodegradable Recycled Paper & Board Products & providing excellent customer service through our widely spread Sales & Marketing Network PAN – INDIA & Export Worldwide, while protecting the Environment & safety.

Message from Chairman

Technology up-gradation has immensely been influencing all corners of livelihood. Technology has changed mordern human civilization & faster lifestyle track by adding newer dimensions of daily life style patterns. Even after rapid boom in digitization in all working sectors paper utilization was & will be key componates of human civilization. Even though we can’t think for a while without paper board & Kraft liner. In recent trend packaging in all products became part of human live hood essentials. In coming years all products will need to be in packed form only which will creat more demands on paper boards & kraft liners. This demands of product packaging leaves us with a vast opportunity to increase our turnover rate over the years in incremental sales strategy.

Our control on procurement process, maintaining world class product quality, sales strategy as “sale & produce”, staying competitive in market, proactively action to identify the market trend & augmented its capacity on time & making an excellent team is the essence to become successful in today’s world.

GSPBL success of thousands of hands working together to build this company & serves to nation growth as well. Our philosophy is to achieve long term value to serve the best interest of all customers, employees, governments & society at large. I would like to thanks my whole team & associates for success of company commitment, ambition & growth.


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    Quality approval

    Product quality and customer service is the hall-mark of GSPBL

    We always appreciate the quality feedback from our end users so as to fulfill their specific requirement. No wonder, our product quality and service have been highly appreciated by our local and overseas customers. In Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Limited, we have set no finishing line for perfection.

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    Our Products

    A truly heavy weight coated board with natural Grey shade on back that we cover full gsm range from 230 to 500. Where we utilize about 70 % of total production capacity in producing Grey Back (HWC).

    Blister packaging represents one of the most widely used packaging methods. It is utilized for packing countless retail items including tools, cosmetic and house hold products.

    In the year 1999 the machine configured, India’s first set up with online three stage with world class Blade coating on top side to escort in reality the pioneer to Indian Paper Industry.

    Playing card is our specialty to produce in 250 to 270 gsm that we take an exclusive production run as under White Back grade. We apply a customized coating for better varnish

    We take a major share of contribution in supplying the board for polycoating. The supplies made in reel form and are produced in both varieties i.e. Grey Back and White Back.

    Our premium product manufactured in wide range for packaging of every items globally. Widely used as newspaper bottom wrap, garment underlay paper, textile wrappers…

    Because of its strength, Kraft Paper is used for many industrial and commercial applications. The material is used in packaging operations for packing, wrapping individual items…

    Fluting Paper is the middle liner of corrugated board, which can be used individually as a type of protective packaging Paper. Fluting Paper is available in several different sizes and weights…

    Our Production Capacity
    ( 336000 TPA )

    Our Top 10 Clients

    Our Strength


    Highly Skilled , semi-skilled & Executive Staffs for manufacturing facilities at Vapi Gujarat, India.


    Consecutive Award By CAPEXIL


    CAPEXIL Export Achievement

    Environment Technology

    1. The Company is committed towards green production, resource conservation, and responsible waste management. This commitment from WCPM has reflected in its minimum impact-best process technology that involves green production, resource conservation, responsible waste management and a reduced pollution load as its core dimensions. Evident record in each of these areas makes the company an environmentally compliant paper industry.

    2. Our world class recycling equipment, eco-friendly process & dedication to environment stewardship gives our customers, the confident that they are reducing their indirect carbon footprint on earth, decreasing the landfill waste & saving our precious forests.

    3. Water is treated & reused to reduce water consumption as much as possible. We have setup a turbine as core generator to ensure that the exhausted steam is optimally used & the final output gases are free of almost all toxic chemicals in the environment.


    GSPBL is one of the pioneers in INDIA and ASIA for using advance technology in paper production. Creativity and innovation are at the core of all the milestones that achieving till date. Much more than the technology, it’s how well equipped companies infrastructures that determines the road to transformation. Company mainly focused on continuous and consistent up-gradation of processes and people.


    Situated centrally in the Vapi GIDC ,adjoining Mumbai-Ahmedabad highway industrial hub of south Gujarat, Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Limited has an ease of access to road transport, Hazira & Nhovashiva seaport , Mumbai & Surat airport & as well as the upcoming shipping Port in Nargol will boost the accessibility to international market by reducing the transit time.

    Our Directors & Key Members