A set of Pressure Formers (MAKE: Black Clawson, U.K.) suitable to operate at high speed, have the controlling facility of profile in M.D, & C.D. direction in order to achieve the better fiber orientation and stable sheet dimensional property supported by a complete full fledged DCS Control System.

Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Limited The Press Section is included with extended NIP Press Rolls with high efficiency of De-watering System backed by Suction Press in initial stage.

Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Limited Drying in Drying Cylinder and M.G. Machine Glaze Cylinder followed by Size Press & equipped with Post Drying System before doing the On-line Clay Coating.

Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Limited The paper is subjected to On-line Clay Coating two times on Top sixe with the help of Varibar & Blade Coater from JAGENBERG, Germany and one time on Bottom side also from JAGENBERG, Germany. All Coating Sections are provided with Hot Air Drying System followed by Calendar & Pope Reel.

Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Limited Complete On-line QCS System is there all the time to control the different parameters of the Board including Moisture & GSM.



All the four streets i.e. Top Layer, Under Layer, Middle Layer & Bottom Layer are provided with most modern equipments which are energy efficient. Some of the important equipments are H.D. Pulper, L.D. Pulper, H.D. Cleaners, Primary Screens, L.D. Cleaners, Fine Screens, Reject Sorters, Poly Disc Filters, Refiners, Hot Disperser System, Kneaders, etc.

Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Limited On-line QCS & DCS System is in line in order to achieve a consistent & uninterrupted quality.


Air & Water Pollution is taking care of in order to meet the specific requirement of Pollution Control Board. A full fledged Control System for Air & Water Pollution is provided.


The Mill is located in the Industrial Zone of Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation which is one of the most developed Industrial Zone of Gujarat connected by rail & road (National Highway No.8) and only 160 K.Mtrs. away from the finance capital of India, Mumbai.


The Main Machine comprises of Black Clawson Formers Paper manufacturing (paper forming zone)
Varibar Coaters – Jagenberg Pre Coating application
Jagenberg Combiblade Coater Top Coating application
Lamort Screens Pulp screening
Poly Disc Filter Pulp thickening
Hot Disperser System Dispersing of sticky materials & ink particles
High Density Pulpers Pulping
Slat Conveyors Pulp feeding
Duplex Synchrofly Sheeters Sheet cutting (zero mm cross cut & size variation)
High Quality Re-winder Reel cutting
Stretch Wrapping Machine Stretch film packing

Quality Management Tools (Machinery)

Tester Name Application
Caliper Tester To check the thickness
GSM Tester To check the weight
Stiffness Tester To measure of flexural rigidity
IGT Tester To measure strength of the coating
SOA Tester To check oil absorbency
BF/BS Tester To check the pressure required to rupture the Board
Brightness Tester To check the percentage of blue light reflectance
Gloss Tester To check the specular reflection of light
Smoothness Tester To measure of ml of air escaping per minute through the hills & valleys of the surface of Board.
Ply-bond Tester To measure the inter layer strength of the paper Board.
Roughness Tester To measure of surface roughness (hills & valleys) of Board.