We at Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Ltd. strive to improve existing technology while maintaining established high standards. To ensure ‘QUALITY’ a specialized Quality Control department tests the product 24 hours a day at every stage in the production process.  At ours we define Quality Management System as a network of administrative procedure designed to deliver a quality product to the customer to the best of their satisfaction. A state of art laboratory includes such a highly sophisticated equipments that encourage in depth analysis to generate meaningful data to keep us upgraded with print and packaging technical needs.


A truly heavy weight coated board with natural Grey shade on back that we cover full gsm range from 230 to 500. Where we utilize about 70 % of total  production capacity in producing Grey Back (HWC).

As such the coated surface lead to excellent print reproduction and multilayered fillers firmly control stiffness ratio assures carton sturdiness for every packaged items securely delivered to the end consumer.

We serve to feed market with Daily life needs packaging solutions with the board for toothpaste carton, matchbox, Agarbatti cartons, garment boxes, tea, liquor cartons and many more.

Playing Card

Playing card is our specialty to produce in 250 to 270 gsm that we take an exclusive production run as under White Back grade. We apply a customized coating for better varnish hold out on both top and back surface to make board extra smooth with minimum level of two sidedness.

The picture varnish generally used protects print image from dust/UV rays and yellowing, imparts extra gloss bringing out the gorgeous vibrancy of the colours. For a playing card springiness or the resiliency is an important characteristic apart from Stiffness that to maintain we add selected fiber in middle layer furnish hence proved to be a versatile product in domestic market.


We take a major share of contribution in supplying the board for polycoating. The supplies made in reel form and are produced in both varieties i.e. Grey Back and White Back. Since the process of extrusion coating involves poly ethylene and extruding resin from a slot die at temperature above 200°C directly on to the moving web. The board surface (usually back or non-printed side) should withstand with the shock dose of molten LDPE and simultaneous anchoring with quick set chilling drums to form water barrier film. While producing the board for poly coating application, machine parameters are so set that the board will have high degree dimensionally stability with perfect film bonding with assured non separation of film with surface till end use i.e.to store the converted ice-cream cartons at freezing point.


In the year 1999 the machine configured, India’s first set up with online three stage with world class Blade coating on top side to escort in reality the pioneer to Indian Paper Industry. Since last two decade  ‘Silkia’ an appropriate term have proven to be a brand image for many of reputed converters in maintaining consistent glory in the print impressions. As such the premium product is suitable for several post print applications like Embossing, Debossing, Spot and Texture UV coating as well as value added pearl coating to bringing up eye catch appeal .  Pharmaceutical cartons, book covers , cosmetics and confectionary boxes, soap cartons are more common applications. Most of popular brands in cereal, chocolates as well as baked food products prefer to get packed in gsm range from 230 to 450.


Blister packaging represents one of the most widely used packaging methods. It is utilized for packing countless retail items including tools, cosmetic and house hold products. Boards for blister pack we produced as a special segment in both White back & Grey back grades. To suit specific heat seal conditions, the board surface is so designed to maintain HSL (Heat Seal Lacquer) receptivity level in such a way that 50 % of the lacquer should lie on the surface and rest has to get penetrated thru the top layer. We have a test facility and a specialized set of equipment in the laboratory that to apply uniform coating with various commercial grades in solvent as well as aqua based heat seal varnishes. The test method is so standardized to correlate plant scale machine with simulated conditions that we maintain in terms of sealing temperature, Die pressure, dwell time etc in according to PVC / PET film thickness. The criteria is to measure sealing area and fiber tear percentage while separating out plastic molding from sealed surface to decide board suitability for intended use by customer.  Wide range varieties in tooth brushes, shaving blades, electronic devices and educational tools trust to be protected with the board we supply.


Our premium product manufactured in wide range for packaging of every items globally. Widely used as newspaper bottom wrap, garment underlay paper, textile wrappers, internal carton packaging, void filler, dust covers, floor protection liners, carrier sheet, paint masking and tray liners. Other uses include bundling and stuffing.


Because of its strength, Kraft Paper is used for many industrial and commercial applications. The material is used in packaging operations for packing, wrapping individual items, bundling and void fill. Also, Kraft paper can be used as load binders between layers of palatalized products in addition to these extensive applications, Kraft paper can be used as floor covering in operations like fiber glass operation & painting of interior spaces, as well as paint masking & skid & pallet covering. Kraft paper has long been a standard in packaging for one reason it just works. With all of the possibilities out there for protection during packaging & shipping, Kraft paper has stood the test of time & has endured. Let’s take a look at the advantages of paper for packaging purpose in addition to the other uses like strength, pallet uses, wrapping individual items, floor covering & paint masking etc.


Fluting paper is the middle liner of corrugated board, which can be used individually as a type of protective packaging paper. Fluting paper is available in several different sizes and weights dependent on specific requirements of any sizes in rolls & sheets. Manufactured in Natural Brown & In golden yellow shade, brown & Golden, Natural brown & Golden yellow. Uses in corrugating boxes, paper bags, envelopes, corrugation sheets etc.


    All the four streets i.e. Top Layer, Under Layer, Middle Layer & Bottom Layer are provided with most modern equipments which are energy efficient. Some of the important equipments are H.D. Pulper, L.D. Pulper, H.D. Cleaners, Primary Screens, L.D. Cleaners, Fine Screens, Reject Sorters, Poly Disc Filters, Refiners, Hot Disperser System, Kneaders, etc. Gayatrishakti Paper & Boards Limited On-line QCS & DCS System is in line in order to achieve a consistent & uninterrupted quality.


    Air & Water Pollution is taking care of in order to meet the specific requirement of Pollution Control Board. A full fledged Control System for Air & Water Pollution is provided.


    The Mill is located in the Industrial Zone of Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation which is one of the most developed Industrial Zone of Gujarat connected by rail & road (National Highway No.8) and only 160 K.Mtrs. away from the finance capital of India, Mumbai.


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